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P6 Activities with Steps Name / Status Export

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sam dsoza
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I would like to export activities with steps including step names and status of steps in to excel spreadsheet. While Actiivty steps export provides infor about steps completed, in progress, etc. I am looking more on the lines of exporting activities with activity steps listed in separate rows in a spreadsheet. Can this be done in P6?

Secondly, I have relationships tha hover from one wbs to another - is there anyway to identify activities where relationshop move from one L2 WBS to another.



sam dsoza
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Joined: 20 Jun 2006
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Thanks for your comment.

It seems that "activity steps" export to excel feature was available in prior version. Not sure, if this feature was removed or its just that I cannot find it.

I am not sure if  I follow your recomendation correctly but I will give it a shot. Its worth trying.



Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello Sam,

I do not find a way to answer your first question; exporting the 4 fields relating to steps only exports the number of steps in each category;

to identify activities having a relationshio with an activity being in a different WBS node, you could use a Global Change to concatenate the Successor / Predecessor ID with the WBS in a user defined text field, and insert this UDF in the activities table