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Filtering out the spotlighted activities

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Thomas Nicholson
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Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how when using the spotlight to highlight a period of time I can show on the task list only those highlighted and nothing else?

I've tried a filter but can't seem to find anything that will select a range of dates rather than a start or end date. For example I want to show anything from 2 weeks ago to 2 weeks in the future whether it's started, ended or currently in progress with a start or end date before or after my range of dates.

any assistance greatly appreciated.




Håkon Haukebøe
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Edit: I dont know why the image disapeared. Here is the filter you should try:

Any of the following:

Where start is within range of CD-2W CD+2W

Or Finish is within range of CD-2W CD+2W

Or Activity status equals In Progress.

Please tell me if this helps. Can email you the screenshot of the filter if you want.




try this:

Create a new filter:


This should give you any activity started or ended within CD (current date) +/- 2 weeks, and any activity in progress.