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Open Plan Professional 3.1

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Reuben Hyman
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I'm new to open plan and really don't know anything about it.

I'm a Active Directory Adim, Systems admin.

I've inherited this mess of Server Migration, which should have taken place years before I got here.


All I have are these instructions below as to how to migrate.

Migrating OpenPlantoaNewServer

1)  InstallOpenPlanonthenewserverusingtheMulti-User(Server)option.Serialnumbersand

passwordscanbefoundinAppendix A.

2)  Copythedatabasefilefromtheoldservertothenewserver.DatabasefileshouldbelocatedathostIPAddress\\Welcom\OpenPlanProfessional3.1\Sql\Access\OPP31.mdb

3)  EdittheConfig.datfileonthenewservertoreference thepathofthelocationoftheDataSourcefileinthenewserver.SeeasampleoftheConfig.datfileinAppendix B.

4)  EdittheDataSources.datfileonthenewservertoreference thecorrectpathofthenewlocationof


5)  Letthecustomertestthedatabaseonthenewserver.

6)  Oncethecustomerissatisfiedwiththefunctionalityofthenewserver,taketheoldserverofflineandreassigntheIPaddressoftheolderservertothenewserver.Don’tforgettomodifythe Config.datandDataSources.datfilesonthenewservertoreflectthenewIPaddress(x.x.x.x).

7)  Copythedatabasefileonceagainfromtheoldservertothenewserver(thiswillaccountforany


8)  Monitorthenewservertoensureproperfunctionality.




I have some questions.

For the most part I’ve done this except step 1,  when we had support from Deltek, I was told did not have to do this.

The problems I have are most user can connect via  \\ip address\ sharename.

But a couple get windows error message “you may not have permissions to use this network resource , contact administrator”

I’ve checked user accounts the whole bit, still no change, even checked registry settings

But the big issues is the person that uses the Open Plan Professional, when she goes in Open Plan Explorer, she opens file then tries to do save as, it goes through up to a point, says saving CST file: gets to  12250 Records written, then hangs,

Any help would be appreciated .




Barrie Callender
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Hi Reuben,

The instructions were difficult to read as all the spaces between words were removed.  That might put some people off from responding.

You say you have done everything but the first step, but all the other steps require the first step to be completed.  Would I be right in assuming someone else has completed the first step? If so then it is good you are an AD System Admin because it sounds like that someone else hasn't set the access up and your the man to hunt that one down.

Of course it won't be that straight forward, how bored would we be if it was? :-)  Take a look at the Deltek Installation document as they tell you how to setup a server.  Check what they are saying has been done and applied for all users.  You are the AD expert, but I am guessing you could create one or more AD groups to give users the right permissions, then put the users in those groups

It sounds to me like the step 1 you didn't do has not been done properly by the person who did do it.  Of course I could be wrong.

I hope you get it sorted, but if you are still stuck please get back to us.  I am based in the UK but I have colleagues in the USA where I think you are based.


Matt Woj
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Contact for Open Plan Support. They specialize in the software and can help with database migration, cleanup, and maintenance.