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Convert Open Plan to MS Project, Excel, P3, SureTrak, or P6

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Brook Bolger
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I was sent a file with a .pod extension and I have no idea how to open it. It does not even show up as text when I try to open it up in notepad. I have never used Open Plan, instead I use P6 and P3. I also have access to P5, MS Project, and Suretrak. Is there a way for me to open this file, view its contents or convert it to any other format?






Barrie Callender
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Hi Brook,

They can try exporting the file as MSP File and that might get you a little way along the track.  

I am a long term P6 user (since 2001 when it had the more sensible P3e name) and my experience of moving schedules from one system to the other is it rarely works as you would want it.  Simple schedules with just basics and no resources can work well, but any bit of "complication" and it leaves you with work to do.


Kenneth Rodrigues
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Sorry .pod is not readbable at all , so who sent it to you should have known that. it's part of the OPP system file !