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Total Float not calculating correctly

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praneet k
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Hello-  I have a problem with the total float not showing correctly. I have activity47 which is completing on 13MAY2022 which will be a predecessor to activity 6  ( meaning first activity 47 will complete and then activity 6 will follow). My acitivity 6 can ONLY start on 18MAY2022. I want the activity 6 so start on 18MAY 2022, so that the total float between activity 47 & 6 will be 3 days. I put a finish no later than constraint of 18MAY2022, so that the float is correct, but the date is still 13MAY 2022.  I need to have both the start date to be 18MAY2022 so that the float will be 3 days.


But when i force the date to be 18MAY 2022, the float becomes 0. so the project is not calculating the float correctly?? or am i m


issing something??


Tom Boyle
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Here's how you get what you want:  as Alexandre suggests, apply a SNET (or better a FNET) constraint of 18May'22 to ID6.  Then also apply a Deadline=18May'22 to ID6.  (Use a clocktime format so you can confirm the time of day is the same for both.) The result will be TS=0 on ID6 and TS=3d on ID47.

Here your ID6 is a "Contract Date Milestone" for PAT complete.  I would also recommend a separate "Forecast Date Milestone" for PAT complete - logically inserted between ID47 and ID6, but with no constraint or deadline.

Good luck, tom  

praneet k
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OKay i did do that. But then the date become 18MAY but the float becomes 8 days. I am guessing its calculating the float from the end date of the project which is 27MAY2022

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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I don't understand why you put a FNLT constraint on activityy #6;

try a Start No Earlier Than instead and set the date on May 18th