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Converting to MSP form Asta Powerproject

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Dominic Planner
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Can anyone tell me how I show the baseline programme on an import from Asta Powerproject?

I have converted it across from Asta and it's displayong the as-built but not the baseline. Is there any way to show this on the converted programme? Also it looks like the critical path has gone arye, is there any way to recover this?



Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello there,

I am certainly late, but I just found this post today

As baseline in MS Project is contained in particular fields in the same project instead of being a separate project as in Asta or P6, my suggestion is as follows:

a) import the Asta baseline project into a separate MSP file

b) retrieve the Start, Finish, Work, Cost fields iin this second file, and the Baseline Start, etc fields in the main MSP file (Tracking table and so on)

c) carefully copy and paste the Start, Finish, Work, Cost fields into the Baseline Start, etc fields

Here you are; I did so several times (not on daily basis), mainly when training people on MSP; it works fine 


Mike Testro
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Hi Dominic Asta has the facility to switch back and forth between MSP but it can be a bit erratic. It should work OK with just a simple barchart but Asta baseline programmes are a separate entity and I have never tried to convert one of those. Best regards Mike Testro