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MSP Retained logic or progress overide

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Frank Neal
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Does anyone know if MSP uses Progress overide or retained logic or something else.?


Abdullah Merchant
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Hey Paul,


I just picked up your book.....99 tips and tricks with MS Project 2007. Thanks a lot for helping people like me in getting a jump start with MS Projet scheduling.

I am about to start planning a Project involving working on Gas piping and Utility area rebuilding. My project manager want us to maintain a Risk register, to be reffered to and discussed during our review meetings . I was wondering if you could guide me as to where i could find more information on this. I am familiar with the P6 Risk Register.....but i am relativeley new to MS Project.Is there any excell sheet available that may can be used efficiently, or any options available with MS Project 2007. Thanks again.

Paul Harris
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Not quite as simple as that, this is MSP.

Retained logic when:
1. Splitting Inprogress tasks is checked in Options and
2. The percentage complete is greater than 0% when there is an actual start.

Otherwise Progress override.

Paul E Harris
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Frank Neal
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I have just run a test myself and it appears to be Retained Logic...unless someone else knows better!
Are there any adjustable settings in MSP?