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Retained logic / progress over-ride option in MSP2003

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richu rose
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Dear Planners,

Is there any option in MS Project 2003 for Retained logic / Progress over-ride like in Primavera.



Rafael Davila
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Thanks Paul

I use SureTrak, seldom MS Project, I never use % complete as I update my schedules using remaining durations. Asking people to estimate % complete as to predict true remaining duration never worked for me, they would give me physical % complete and the software estimation for remaining duration almost always came wrong.

In my case your warning is twice valuable, I was not aware of this trap in MS Project.

Best regards
Paul Harris
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When you check split in progress should work like Retained logic.

But when you enter an actual start without a % Complete it will work like Progress Override and then when you enter a % Complete of great than zero and less than 100 it works like Retained logic. This is not what one would expect, you just have to be careful.

Paul E Harris
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Rafael Davila
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For MSP2007 the equivalent options are set under Tools/Options/Schedule(Tab)/Split in-progress Tasks (Box)

Split in-progress tasks: Allows rescheduling of remaining duration and work when a task slips or reports progress ahead of schedule. With this check box selected, if progress is reported on a successor task before the predecessor task is completed, the remaining work on the successor task can be shown as a split, using the same task dependency with the predecessor on remaining work. If this check box is cleared, remaining work is not split. The progress information is recorded on the originally scheduled dates, regardless of when the actuals took place. Likewise, remaining work is not rescheduled to maintain the task relationship. By default, this check box is selected

Hope this helps with MSP2003.

Best regards