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How do I change my password?

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David Ball
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I have looked everywhere and can't figure how to change my site password. I would like to change it to something that I have some hope of remembering.

Can anyone help, please?


Thanks very much.



Derek Patterson
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Surely password change should be more "obvious"..... as a first timer I need to change it, and its just not apparent where it is... But thanks for the help.

Arun R
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Hi David,



                            U mean this site password? If so go to "My Account" link. There in the top u can see two rows saying view, bookmarks, bla, bla....... etc :).   So u will find a link "EDIT". Go inside U will get the option for changing Password.


My account



                     Hope this will help U.........




Dipak Vashi
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Dear Sir,

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Warm Regards.