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Can We Have More Main Threads

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Darrell ODea
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Dear Planning Planet,

Can ye refresh the current heading(s) or threads?
Or at least add on a couple of additional / "new main topics" for discussion? The current ones now seem a bit dated??

Perhaps smething like:-
a) Planning For The Future.......
b) Planning & The Environment....
c) Planning & IT Development.....

Comments please.



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This is only my suggetion that the main threads shall be universal to all planning trade. In this way a lively interaction of planners with diverse trade will be possible. I think the best approach is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance to all ideas within the bounds stipulated by the forum rules and guidelines.

Planning and the future is universal.
Planning and the environment is universal.
Planning and IT Development is specific to IT practicioners. Maybe this should not be a main threads but only a sub-thread of the main thread.

This is only my opinion and suggestion.

Best regards,
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Hi Darrell,

We are about to launch some new functionality wrt the forum. We can surely create some new categories for discussion.

If anyone has any ideas to get things started, we would love to see them.

PP Admin.