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Forum Guests and advertising

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Couple of things I’ve noticed recently.

Forum Guests: Is it time to stop users not logging-in/registering to PP. I know this has been talked about before but various persons recently seem to be hiding behing the annonimity to make personal/dubious comments to others although they maybe tongue in cheek it should be recognised that PP being global means ’cultural’ differences may make an seemingly innocent comment rather more than what it is. Also, some Forum Guests seem to be making positive noises about certain products that they may have an interest in. Why not have a Vote on it?

Which brings me on to the second point - advertising. I noticed recently that a post was deleted due to advertising however it seemed a bit hypocritical when a couple of the moderators quite openly promote their products. This isn’t a dig at the moderators as they do a great job but my personal opinion is that I don’t really care about adverts providing it is blatant and doesn’t hide behind the annonimity of Forum Guest, but do feel that consistency should be maintained on the site.

By the way, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve posted as a forum guest? Hey - because I can.


Shahzad Munawar
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Moderators should make a polciy for each person who want to discuss the Forum issues, have PPID. Without PPID the thread should not be entered upon in any Section of Forum. This is common practice in all Forums. These Forums do not allow anyone to get access without proper login ID.

Bernard Ertl
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Rest assured that the PP team and the moderators are discussing the Forum Guest issue. It may not last much longer (at least not in its present form).

As to advertising (and this has also been discussed among the PP/moderator team), there is a distinction between a blatant advertisement and a post that is contributing to the subject at hand. The desire is to limit vendors from spamming the forums with advertising and not contributing anything of value. First time posters (or forum guests) who post advertisements will be handled more strictly than a member who is contributing and on topic. It is a judgement call on the part of the moderator team.

The current consensus is that signature links are fine as long as the posts are contributing something of value. They also help establish a point of reference for evaluating the poster’s input.

Bernard Ertl
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