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Grouped Link Page & Software Experience Forum Grou

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Ed van der Tak
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Dear Planning Planet Team,

With regard to the "links" page would it be an improvement to group the current hyperlinks? (software / projectmanagement general / user groups etc.)

Another suggestion is to create a forum group were planners can describe their experience with different software package (as short stories without Q&As), within the forum a list of available packages could be already present. Planners are often looking for users with experience in a certain package.

Interresting? Let me know.

Ed van der Tak
Aram Planning Consultants
The Netherlands


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Thanks for the suggestion. I will get the "organisation" of these Links actioned. We have been getting a lot of mails from Job Agencies - perhaps we should put them in aswell.

On the subject of a new Forum Category for Software stories - if we get some feed back and interest on this post, I will get James to sort it out.

For Planning Planet Team