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Turnaround & Shutdown (T/A & S/D)

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Mufiz Sayed
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Turnaround is a planned shutdown of any plant where a large number of activities, in terms of various of discipline have to be executed in a specified / predefined duration. The major challenges in this activity lie with completing the activities and restore the Reliability and Integrity of the facility within the defined premises of duration as per the Corporate Business Plan.


Turnaround entails an extensive seamless planning, resource mobilization and optimization to make it successful in this resourced scarce environment. Typically the planning takes 12 to 18 months for an execution ranging around 2 to 4 weeks hence the whole lifecycle should be considered as a project from its inception to realization. During Turnaround execution the proper monitoring of the whole jobs / activities is required to avoid any delay / slippage from the execution plan.


Abang Mohamad
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Assalaam Mufiz,


Thanks for sharing, I believe this info will be very helpful esp to those who never experienced these kind of activities.



Andrew Bamidele
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Hi All,

 I have been involved in a Shutdown Project as a long range planner/ Otherwise known as shutdown Analyst. please, can anyone help with some hints on how to plan a high level schedule on our critical activities ranging from start Platform shutdown, Operations - Platform Shutdown Sequence, Vessel Contingency, Operations- Platform Start Up Sequence, Vessel Sequence + start Up days and Target finish.(All these, I believe they fall under operations) My question is, I am to develop a critical path shedule for our vessel cleaning sequencing. We have 12 vessels all in all to clean and I have been asked to plan it as 2 teams (Mechanical and Structural by Disciplines) working on 2 shifts. I.e i should plan each vessel cleaning as Open Vessel, Sureclean Vessel, Camera Inspection and Close Vessel. Now the idea is that , the teams can clean 1 vessel a day and 2 vessels for another day given the prefered sequence of the vessel. now, I am a little bit confussed as I have never planned a shutdown project before, can anyone help out by giving examples on how to plan this critical path considering the operations phase have listed up and the vessel sequence which are 12 in number using p6 tool? many thanks for your awaiting response.

kind regards,



if requirements for resources change then it usually means different activity. Create more detailed schedule basing on the rule: an activity is performed by the same crew except it may be different in the day and night shift.

I don't use P6 but the rule is universal.

Best Regards,


Srinivas Gajjarapu
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Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your response. I am using P6.7. I am currenly planning for a Plant Shutdown, Maintenance & Startup project.

The Plant Shutdown will be done during 3rd June 2011 to 15th June 2011 and there are 800 activities to be carried out during this period.

I have finished activity feeding, required columns, activity durations (in Hrs), activity codes and respective assignements. The plant works in two shits 1) Day 6am -6pm & 2) Night 6pm to 6am. I have created a 24hrs working calender with 2 shifts in that and assigned to the project.

The issue:

Resources are identified in two sets Day group and Night group. I have created two seperate resource calenders and assigned to all the respective resources as per their availability viz. Day and Night.

I have de-linked the option to calculate activity durations basing on resource assignments (Edit-User Preferences-Calculations) and started assigning resouces. The activity is made to 24Hrs calender (2 shifts), Task dependent, Fixed Duration & Units & Physical.

For instance, If activity duration is 24hrs with 2 day shifts as below


Time scale (Day/Shift) 5/05/2011 6/05/2011 7/05/2011
Day Shift 5 Night Shift 5 Day Shift 6 Night Shift 6 Day Shift 7 Night Shift 7
Activity (24Hrs) – Resources Required F22+F23+R6+R7       F2+F3+R6+C7  
Resource Hours Budgeted 48hrs (4x12Hrs) - - - 48hrs (4x12Hrs) -
F - Fitter, R - Rigger, C - Crane (All assgined Day shift calender & Curve Linear)

If I assign all Fitters, Riggers & Crane to this activity with the specified Budgeted or Planned Hours, I see from the Resource Usage Spreadsheet that the planned hours are distributed evenly accross the entire duration of the activity rather than required some in Day Shift 5 & Day Shift 7. How can I resolve this.

The main issue is......How to plan an activity that requires different set of resources at different shift requirements.

Kindly advise.


Hi Srinivas,

what software do you use?

We have no problems with modeling shift work in Spider Project.

Best Regards,


Srinivas Gajjarapu
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Hi All:

I am involved in a shutdown project and where have encountered the case detailed below

  1. The Activity Duration is 132Hrs (12Hrs x 11 shifts) & each shift is different with different mix of resource requirements.
  2. Please note that I have delinked the option to calculate activity duration basing on resource assignments (Edit-User preferences-Calculations)
  3. After the resources are assigned as below as per the respective calendars, I find that the resource budgeted/planned hours are not being allocated shift wise rather it is distributed to the entire duration of the Activity from start to finish.
  4. Kindly advise how to solve this case.


Time scale (Day/Shift)









Project Calender: 2 Shifts – Day (6am-6pm) & Night (6pm-6am)

Day 5

Night 5

Day 6

Night 6

Day 7

Night 7

Day 8

Night 8

Day 9

Night 9

Day 10

Night 10

Activity 1 – Resources Required













Resource Hours Budgeted

48hrs (4x12Hrs)


48hrs (4x12Hrs)

24hrs (2x12Hrs)

24hrs (2x12Hrs)


12hrs (1x12Hrs)

24hrs (2x12Hrs)


24hrs (2x12Hrs)

48hrs (4x12Hrs)


Resources Legend: F - Fitter, R - Rigger TR - Trade Person, BM - Boiler Maker, NDT - Non-destructive Testing Team, C – Crane

Resources Calender: 1) Day Shift (6am – 6pm) 2) Night Shift (6pm – 6am)

Mufiz Sayed
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Turnaround EXECUTION Phases


1. Pre-Shutdown before the Turnaround


  1. Fabrication overall list
  2. Scaffolding needed, location & quantity
  3. Painting job needed for the time can be done only during the shutdown
  4. Post shutdown activities from previous
  5. Logistic section for heaving lift, pick-up, sedan car, drinking water, house keeping
  6. Project or Capital Items for replacement or tie-in
  7. Overtime cost charge during the Shutdown period


After above Lists and group assigned finished. Each section head or Planner has to work out material bill list, service requirement, and overall material cost taking from Warehouse Stock. Then find the overall estimate cost to each line items and adding with 15% to the final total cost as  for Turnaround Budget


This has to be done 12 months before the Turnaround

Mufiz Sayed
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Turnaround Time and Duration Setting


At our company SABIC, T/A is 4 Years Cycle for every individual processing plant, duration has to be considered as below:


  1. Business Objective Plan and Market demand
  2. Asset Management replacement Plan for Capital Budget
  3. Process Catalysts performance and life band
  4. Bad Actor showing up after start-up from previous turnaround
  5. Project installation and Tie-in time base on Fabricator and Contractor Plan
  6. Rotating Equipment Overhauling time


With above line items we can find the best starting date and find the longest duration to fit for item #2,#3,#4,#5 or #6 as the duration. But add 5 days time more for Operation as regular size, and add 8 days more for Operation if there is Catalyst require for reduction process before going on service.

Mufiz Sayed
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Work list

When a Turnaround/Shutdown is declared the planning group should develop a full list of the existing work as a basis for the "Turnaround/Shutdown Work List".


Additions to the work list should be requested from Operations and Maintenance Groups.


A definition of acceptable Turnaround/Shutdown Work should be issued and all additions must be screened against the definition to ensure that the Work meets the criteria.


Turnaround work is defined as:


  • All jobs that are necessary for continued operation and can only be done safely at the time of a plant Shutdown.
  • Planned maintenance tasks that can only be safely accomplished at the time of a plant shutdown.
  • Statutory Inspection requirements for the next 5 years.
  • Any Job necessary for continued operation that could be undertaken with the plant running but pose a significant risk of causing a plant disruption.
  • Project construction works that needs to be executed during Plant shutdown (E.g.: Tie-in jobs)
Mufiz Sayed
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Plan for the Plan (Milestone Plan)

The Plan for the Plan is a device used to layout milestone and then monitors the progress of all the elements of Turnaround/Shutdown preparation.


A simple low-level plan is created with an activity for all the elements required to create a Turnaround/Shutdown  plan along with all other elements of Turnaround preparation.


These include:


  • Scope of Work
  • Supporting documents
  • Communications
  • Contingency Planning
  • Contract management
  • Cost control
  • Management Philosophy
  • Manpower recruitment
  • Material Procurement
  • Planning Progress
  • Operations interface
  • Project development
  • Risk Management
  • Specialist Contractors
  • Work list control


Periodic Turnaround/Shutdown  Calendars will be issued, extracted out of the 'Plan for the Plan' to focus on activities due for the coming 2 months. The Turnaround/Shutdown  calendar to be updated according to the needs.

Mufiz Sayed
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Planning Team

A planning team should be formed early in the Turnaround/Shutdown process (normally 18 months before the event) after announcing the Turnaround Manager. The team should be under the control of a Turnaround Planning Leader and should consist of the following:


  • Mechanical Planners for all Static Equipment
  • Mechanical Planners for all Rotating Equipment
  • Instrument Planners
  • Electrical Planners
  • Process Representative
  • Operations Planners
  • Inspection Engineer
  • Civil/Structural/Painting
  • Materials Planners
  • Cost Engineer
  • Planning Administrators


The team should be sized to ensure the all aspects of the plan and cost estimation can be completed and reviewed in time for test prior to the Turnaround/Shutdown.


Additional Planning support team members should be nominated from each Department / Sections for single point contacts channeling Turnaround/Shutdown related information to the respective sections, represent the Section in Turnaround/Shutdown related meetings and easy resolving of Turnaround/Shutdown related issues.

Mufiz Sayed
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Indicators of concerns

The following list of "leading indicators" are a good predictor of Turnaround/Shutdown performance – if any of these appear, there is a high likelihood that one or more of the Turnaround/Shutdown objectives will not be met.


  • Key positions not assigned and not working full-time early enough to allow proper front-end loading of planning and preparation
  • Misalignment of functional milestone plans (between the different functions)
  • Work list not restricted per the milestone timing
  • Capital projects not appropriated per the milestone timing
  • Budget & corporate plan misalignment causes many recycles, diverting resources form detailed planning work
  • Late assignment of operations/ process resources to planning & preparation efforts
  • Issued-for-construction drawings not ready per the milestone timing
  • Major execution contractor(s) not in place per the milestone timing
  • Key personnel turnover
  • Shutdown and start-up plans and schedules not integrated with the maintenance / project work
Mufiz Sayed
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Keys to the successful implementation of Plan

  • All activities related to the Turnaround & Shutdown that require resources are input to the planning and scheduling system to enable effective resource scheduling.
  • All work activities are planned. The level of detailed planning and the amount of job preparation vary depending on the job. The level of planning must be value-added.
  • All personnel - Management, Maintenance, Operations/Process and all other disciplines or functions - are committed to planning and scheduling to enable efficient execution and to minimize lost production opportunity, that is, minimize the event duration.
  • A high-discipline level to execute agreed upon plans and schedules with high compliance exist throughout the organization.
  • Management input primarily through focus on providing guidance to the event planning & execution team, and by ensuring adherence to sound shutdown / turnaround planning & execution standards and practices.
Mufiz Sayed
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The function of the planning group in a Turnaround is to identify & locate all aspect of necessary items and prepare all aspects of the work to be executed so that the activity is executed safely at the shortest practical duration and lowest possible cost without affecting quality.


A fully integrated plan is essential for efficient Turnaround Control. This means a detailed Operations Shutdown and Start-up plan, linked to detail Mechanical and project plans to form one cohesive network including Pre-work, of-spec product to on-spec duration and work that can be completed outside of the Turnaround window.


The Plan when complete and reviewed should drive the work using task criticality, rather than monitor progress, (the plan should be pro-active not reactive)