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Construction Consumables

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Mga Kabayan,

Is there a cost impact to a project schedule if construction consumables is wrongly estimated?

Would there be a standard formula/template for calculating construction consumables to achieve most realistic cost?

Looking forward you share your ideas and experiences on this topic guys.

Mabuhay and Pinoy!!!


Bill D.
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Just think of the project triangle (cost,time,quality). if one side of the triangle goes big or gone small, the two other sides will adjust accordingly. if construction consumables is relatively small compare to project budget, i think it will be negligeble, however if the consumables is significantly high,then it may affect the two other sides of the triangle.





Saju TS
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Dear Jonas

there will be an impact ,especially when you prepare cash flow with invoices  and other related bill,

for realistic cost you have to check the tender and quote documents from suppliers /subcontractors, post this in your schedule  and check whether you getting the exact contractual  amount(less retention)

Best of luck

Non Pinoy

Mangesh Khuspe
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Dear Jonas,


There will be definately cost impact if the consumables are wrongly calculated.

There must be rate analysis in your country which can helpyou for calculating construction consumables and by usin gwhich you can arrive at a more realistic costs.

 Right now i am preparing the tables in excel for my country using standard consumables published by government of India.