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Productivity Tracking in P6

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Mohammad Naeem Ahmad
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Good Evening Gents'


I'm trying to track my productivity through P6 along with quantity tracking. But while designing report i'm facing problem, how to call actual units per time , planned units per time & remaining units per time.  Coz these three columns can help me in calculatin my planned, actual and forecast productivity. So if anybody have any idea about this please help me out.






Aijaz Syed
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Hii Guys

I need Productivity Template and Progress Managment Template or format to make one for my ongoing project.

If possible please forward it to my e-mail my e-mail adress :


Aijaz Syed

Daniel Limson
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Hi Mohammad,

In order to track productivity you need the following:

Plan Units per time - Budgeted Labour Units (Manhours or Mandays)

Earned Value - based on physical progress % complete (Budget Labour Units * % complete)

Actual Units per time - based on actual resources (manhours or mandays) this you need to input manually

Now, Productivity = Output (Earned) / Actual

Budgeted Labour Units - Progress Earned  = Remaining Units per time

Budgeted at Completion (BAC) or Forecast at Completion = Remaining Units per time / Productivity

Cheers mate,