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EPC , EPCM and PMC Contract diffrences

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Shahriar Parvaz
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what sre the diffrence between EPC , EPCM and PMC contracts?
can any body explain to me.

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Andrew Flowerdew
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Have seen EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and EPCm (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) and EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Manage - I’m guessing the small "m" is to differentiate) which can be on the same lines as a BOOT (Build Operate Own Transfer) contract.

Then there are BOOT variations, BTO (Build Tranfer Operate) or ROT (Rehablilitate Operate Transfer) which is in someways similar to PFI (Private Finance Initiative) or PPP (Public Private Partnership).

Have also seen PMC (Project Management Contract)
and EPCS (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Supervision) and EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning) terms used in the oil and gas industry.

Somehow I think people like to give their contracts a label but the differences are in the wording whatever they’re called and as alot of these types of contracts are bespoke or standard forms seriously amended to suit the project, I wouldn’t worry too much what the client has chosen to label it.
Peter Holroyd
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But more likely

EPCm - Construction Management role
Client takes construction contract risks
Andrew Flowerdew
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The last bit is usually when the consortium building the project will also run whatever it is their building after completion, ie manage it for a period. Along the lines of a PFI type of contract in the UK.
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EPC (ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, CONSTRUCTION): Usually this type of contract (or contractor) is used when it is responsible for the three functions named above within a project. Especilally refered to detailed engineering. This contractor shouldn’t act as PMC and viceversa.

PMC (PROJECT MANAJEMENT CONSULTANT): Is Usually the manager of a project in behalf of the Company (Client). The PMC handle the contracts issued by the Company to perform a project such as EPC’s, Services, Training, interventory, logistics, etc... This contractor is used to help the Company structure to handle projects.

EPCM ???