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1st time using Asta PowerProject -Any tips?

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Gary Whitehead
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I’ll be donig a baseline review in a week or so using APP. I’ve used the free Asta Project Viewer before, but not the full package.
As I won’t have much time to play with the software before I sue it in anger, any tips / key differences vs Primavera / things to look out for / etc from the experienced users on this esteemed forum would be most welcome.

Ta muchly,



Sebastian Giambrone
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Thank you Paul this is just what I am looking for. 

Mike Testro
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Hi Gary

The one thing that drives new PP users nuts - especialy those migtrating from P3 P6 is the "Views" menu.

This allows you to set up different forms of presentation and give it a label - for instance only summary bars - or a particular trade filter and then freeze it as a view.

This is a very useful tool when you know how to use it but if you don’t know what you are doing you could find yourself inadvertantly "flipping" between someone elses pre-determined veiws and you won’t know what is happening.

Spend your 1st 10 minutes in the help section on Views and take a bit of time practising switching so you know what is happening when you find yourself staring at a completely different screen.

Otherwise send me a PP message and I will give you my phone number so I can assist directly.

Best regards

Mike Testro
Gary Whitehead
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Thanks, Paul -I shall read it tonight after the cricket!


Paul Harris
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There is an article on my web sites that you may find useful under Technical Papers titled "Asta Power Project - an introduction".

This document is designed to assist people who are using SureTrak, P3, Primavera Enterprise or Microsoft Project to learn the basics of PowerProject to create and progress an unresourced schedule.

Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Planning and Scheduling Training Manual & Book Publishers, Consulting and Training