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The pros and cons to export file from mp to pp8.

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Paola Veas
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Hi all,

Is it really reliable to export file from mp to asta project?

I have set up both programmes with the same characteristics, like weather and standar calendars, durations, etc.
Once I have exported a file from mp to pp, Can I assume the files are exactly the same or I should do a few changes to fix some lost information?


Paola Veas
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Daya Sugunasingha
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You always have to check each item/task against the original after converting to ensure that it is correct.
Do not just export and hope for the best or trouble awaits you.
Alexandre Faulx-B...
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MS Project does not handle project schedules the same way as Powerproject or Sciforma PS8 or Primavera P3; nor do the different versions of MSP.
Before switching a schedule from one system to the other, you should check the options being active in both system: open Tools, Options, Schedule in MS Project, take note of the options and set up PP8 as close as possible as you have in MSP.
I have a longer and more accurate experience in migrating projects from MSP to PS8 one way or the other, and I know a lot of reason for projects not migrating easily.
Have a good day when you wake up in NZ.
PS Please send me a sample MSP schedule for testing