How to assign resource / resource loading / make resource plan in Primavera P6

3 weeks 4 days ago

In Primavera P6, after finish creating the schedule, you may need to assign resource to activity to make the resource plan.

I will show you how to do it.

Let say you have a schedule like in below picture:


Stakeholder Management: A Key to Project Success

3 weeks 4 days ago

Projects with involved stakeholders are far more likely to be successful.  But many projects suffer from low engagement from executives, users, and key stakeholders.

The PMI’s Pulse of the Professionsurvey found that projects with high executive


GAO is Wrong

4 weeks 1 day ago


Activities have hundreds of fields and many might still be active if you only change a few.


GAO Schedule Assessment Guide Best Practices for Project Schedules


Why so many poor schedules?

6 weeks 4 days ago

Why so many poor schedules?

Schedule logic is not the issue, what makes our schedule models so poor is how we deal with resources. Without resources nothing is done.  Schedules that do not take into account all resource constraints are incomplete and most probably wrong.

We favor simplicity over substance and give the project manager very poor schedules he


Baseline Change Management

6 weeks 6 days ago

Baseline Change Management Procedure

To keep baseline variance can be a monumental task in complex schedules. Is it worth it?

Extract from a Planning Planet discussion, August 2017:


The Cream of Project Controls

7 weeks 18 hours ago

Recently there was a tremendous opportunity to learn from one of today’s premier project-control advocates and thought leaders on a topic most project professionals may very well be occupied with on a daily basis.  Lessons from experience have taught this author that every opportunity to hear


How to Create a Good Quality P50 Risk-based Baseline Schedule

7 weeks 1 day ago

Hi All, Announcing the publication of my second book "How to Create a Good Quality P50 Risk-based Baseline Schedule." It is available in


Your P6 Actual Duration is Wrong and This is How to Fix It

7 weeks 5 days ago

As-Built schedules are very important project records as they can be used in Delay Claims disputes, generating Norms or Production Rates and benchmarking future project activities hence why a lot of emphasis is placed on activities having accurate actual dates and actual duration. But Primavera P6 users need to pay attention to their User Preferences, else they will be recording wrong actual


Agile and the Product Mindset

7 weeks 5 days ago

Adopting a product mindset is critical when transforming to an Agile development methodology, like Scrum.  Shifting our thinking from project to product expands our view beyond the confines of the triple constraint—scope, cost, and time.  The product mindset forces us to consider the larger, strategic roadmap and the value we want create.

Product vs. Project


The P6 XER File Viewer You Didn’t Know You Needed

9 weeks 23 hours ago

When it first launched, PrimaveraReader XER viewer was an intriguing alternative to importing .xer files in your database to view the contents. But the tool was a bit too new to do a deep dive. Now, having a few releases under its belt (currently version 3.5), I’m convinced PrimaveraReader is a tool that will become essential to any company using Primavera P6 or working with other companies

P6, primavera, xer

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