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Project Services Lead, Shell, Draugen EPC

START Date: 
July, 2011
END Date: 
February, 2014

As the focal point for all project services on the EPC contract on the Draugen Asset, it was my responsibility to ensure that every project had the correct level of project controls applied on that project.  This meant coordinating all call-offs, especially specifying the deliverables and level of detail that were to be provided.  I had to ensure that the project met the PCAP (Project Controls Assurance Process) requirements and  to sign off the applicable Decision Gate.  This involved establishing the applicable estimate and schedule prior to commencement of phase, ensure correct reporting was performed during the work, and closing out the call-off at the end. I simultaneously directly managed the project services for 4 major projects, a portfolio of small to medium technical integrity upgrade projects for the asset, and 27 minor maintenance and modifications projects (PMO’s). The amount of interfaces, both between the projects themselves as well as the interfaces to the Draugen subsea system created a unique challenge in itself. 

Also charged with preparation and development of 2 complex tenders for EPCM contracts in large Brownfield and Greenfield environment. As Project Services representative to the Tender, I developed the Compensation format and assisted the C&P lead with the commercial preparation and evaluation of the tender bids.  I was brought in to devise a compensation strategy that would enable risk sharing between company and contractor, as well as be viable for both major projects and MMO/ maintenance projects by incorporating all of the work under the same contractual umbrella thereby using the same contractor for both types of work.

Specific duties included:

„  Preparation of deliverable-based compensation format that focused on quantities executed, rather than man-hours derived.

„  Development of mechanism to reduce difficulties in measurement of preliminaries and indirect costs as well as ensure contractor remains focused on direct project execution.

„  Drafting Compensation Exhibit and Administrative Exhibit, as well as answering of bidder queries regarding these exhibits.

„  Bid-opening and commercial correctness of bid evaluation.

„  Establishing an estimate for each “step-out” from ITB in order to perform a contractual like for like comparison.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):