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PLANNER, CNE Invest Cernavoda, Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant Unit2

START Date: 
July, 2003
END Date: 
August, 2006

Planner, CNE Invest Cernavoda
Project: Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant Unit2, Client: CNE Invest Cernavoda

Job specific tasks:
Integrated time schedules per rooms(by discipline :civil, mechanic and electric   activities, and by phase: engineering, procurement, erection) in order to ensure identification of any impact of critical activities to contractual milestones and commissioning program/turnover package.
Time schedule issuing for cooling system, moderator system, spent fuel system, main steam system, stand-by diesel generator.
Progress Reports on weekly / monthly basis
Critical path analysis  and float management
Ensured interface with Procurement and Commissioning phases

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):