PLANNING & COST ENGINEER, NEW HORIZON, Roads & Utilities project

START Date: 
March, 2012
END Date: 
March, 2016

·         Performs control of all relevant engineering documentation from conceptual to closeout as well as provision of planning and cost reports.

·         Prepares various technical reports as required during the design process.

·         Performs project coordination and attends progress coordination meetings.

·         Study the timeline with all contractual requirement of awarded projects and prepare the program of work accordingly

·         Allocate resources into the program of work

·         Resource leveling and scheduling for the projects

·         Weekly programs update highlighting delays and week points if any

·         Projects monitoring and update

·         To assist Planning Manager for planning, scheduling, monitoring of Production and execution of Projects by ensuring quality, legal aspects, cost effectiveness and timely completion of projects

·         Preparation and Updating Projects status, labor histogram and Financial forecast.

·         Preparing cash flow and projects monitoring and update.

.         Preparation of EOT and delay analysis

.         Preparation of monthli interim payments

.         Evaluation of variation and negotiate with the contractor and consukltant

.         Maintain a cost control system to track monthly income with site expenses

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):