Project planner, Pasada Global Resources, 6 Oil and Gas Projects: Facilities

START Date: 
February, 2014
END Date: 
November, 2015
  • Creates and updates project plans
  • Responsible for maintenance of detailed project schedules based on WBS with defined task, dependencies between activities and deliverables
  • Report on delayed activities and propose remedial actions to accelerate progress
  • Ensure effective delivery of all activities within the project plan and agreed schedule dates and priorities.
  • Interact with other work-pack planning staff (team member) in other to deploy, manage and maintain the baseline/logic between deliverables in major projects/programs for performance measurement.
  • Report planned project work versus actual work achieved on a biweekly and monthly basis.
  • Manage the earned value(EVM) methodology and generate report when required.
  • Analyse ongoing progress and performance, assesing this against contractual and internal targets - determine variance and its respective causes
  • Identify critical activities, continuosly monitor and reporting to management.
  • Asses risk to delivery of scedules, recommending risk reducing actions and apply them where required.
  • Tracking actual project expenditure against baseline cost.
  • Support the development of planning skills across the project team, caoching engineering and project management team members in best practice planning and scheduling.
  • Constantly updating project progress, issues and possible delays within the project.