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Assistant Manager Project Planning, AL FANAR Gen Contracting L.L.C , Engineering, Procurement and construction EPC Project, NGD15039, CITY GAS NETWORK PHASE-1, Package -1 to 4

START Date: 
October, 2016
END Date: 
December, 2018
  1. Develop, review and maintain the project plans and baseline schedules using Primavera
  2. Monitor progress throughout the construction process on a weekly basis and compare with work plan (Actual vs Baseline Schedule)
  3. Identify and review regularly, critical and sub-critical activities and monitor its impact on overall plan
  4. Develop and maintain project change control and review scope change requests for impact on schedules and the critical path of the project.
  5. Submitting planning package with all allied documents
  6. Ensuring availability of drawings in line with Master schedule plan and EDD Register
  7. Ensuring material order placement and Inventory tracking register (PR) in line with master plan
  8. Raising Technical Queries related to design and site issues
  9. Preparing / maintaining construction register and PMS for proper monitoring to track the productivity / Plan for invoicing
  10. Perform project risk assessment on delays and disputes and determine possible range of completion dates for the project (banana s-curve methods – Early start & Early Finish/Late Start & Late Finish)
  11. Prepare reconciliations between earlier schedules and as-built schedules (analyzing delay by window Technique/ Actual Vs As built schedule).
  12. Responsible for reviewing bill of quantities, scope of work, preparation on contract program and Identification of milestones
  13. Produce master and detail pre-construction and post construction schedules.
  14. Overseeing actual project progress versus the planned work milestones, in addition to reviewing consultants and contractors work program submissions.
  15. Preparing, monitoring, adjusting and updating the cost plan and cash flows
  16. Reviewing in conjunction with the Project Manager or Construction Manager any potential changes, and in turn measuring where possible future saving or additional costs can be identified.
  17. Attend regular monthly/weekly progress review meetings with clients and subcontractors and prepare work schedule for subcontractors.
  18. Prepare weekly/monthly reports on project status & progress and review project close-out reports
  19. Always deal with extension of time claims (EOT) as a priority
  20. PMP pursuing with strong knowledge and experience in project management methodologies.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):