Cost Engineer- Project Control, Chevron Pacific Indonesia, (various projects)

START Date: 
October, 2007

PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (IndoAsia Business Unit, Chevron Global Upstream Oil & Gas), 17 October 2007 – Now

Cost Engineer – Project Control


Project Portfolio Management :

·          Perform project portfolio business plan in the beginning of the year include yearly budget and schedule target.

·          Summarizing business plan budget including contingency reserve, and prepare presentation to the management for project budget plan approval.

·          Prepare and submit Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) that proposed as per Production Sharing Contract (PSC) agreement.

·          Assist Facility Engineer on submitting Work Program and Budget (WP&B) Document to SKK Migas for yearly program that submitted as per PSC agreement.


Project Control Tracking :

·          Responsible for performing determine estimation and budgeting, planning, project control for project execution.

·          Monitoring, evaluating and controlling project progress performance, variances and validating assumption during the project cycle.

·          Perform Earn Value Management for forecasting completion of the project.

·          Monitoring and evaluating subcontractor and suppliers’ work and progress performance.

·          Conduct weekly and monthly project meeting for evaluating project progress performance.

·          Review and comment on Schedule submission by the contractor.

·          Monitoring and evaluating contractor work and progress performance for various type of project such as civil, structural, mechanical and electrical.

·          Monitoring and evaluating the delivery acquired procurement materials/ main equipment to site by the contractor.

·          Use Primavera P6, MS Project and Microsoft Excel on project progress tracking

·          Responsible for work activity progress reporting and regular update of plans and schedules.

·          Assist the Facility Engineer and Team Leader Engineering in progress meetings with the Contractors related to the project milestone achievement, outstanding issue and variance.

·          Assist the Facility Engineer, Team Leader and Team Manager in the daily, weekly or monthly meeting, internally and or externally in the cost, budget and schedule aspect.

·          Prepare the weekly project reports to Team Manager on project progress performance, base business project activities, project highlights and decision support centre project progress align with team scorecard target.(S-Curve diagram, progress table, progress report tracking)


Value of Work Done Tracking :

·          Assist in billing and invoicing.

·          Reviewing and comment contractor progress performance submission report for monthly progress payment.

·          Monitoring, listing and evaluating project variances during the life cycle regarding the cost impact.

·          Estimated monthly values of Invoices (cost estimation) and cash flow diagram.

·          Prepares monthly cost reports with cost breakdown structures on the value of work executed from projects

·          Monitoring, evaluating and controlling value of work done monthly target align with team scorecard target.


Cost Estimating :

·          Monitoring and evaluating basis of estimate of project proposal

·          Advise cost estimate best practice and deliverables.


Estimate & Schedule Assurance Review :

·          Perform Project Management evaluation (scope and schedule) for the capital project expenses and operational expenses.

·          Assist Facility Engineer in Front End Engineering Design Phase especially on schedule and cost estimate assurance

·          Perform Estimate and Schedule Assurance Review of project execution phase


Team Scorecard/ Key Performance Indicators Tracking :

·          Perform evaluation and control capital expenses (CAPEX) and operation expenses (OPEX) within the approved budget to achieve team scorecard target

·          Prepare, monitoring, evaluating and controlling team scorecard target.

·          Conduct monthly scorecard meeting for evaluating team scorecard and project performance with management team.


Project Information Management :

·          Develop Project Share Point and Documentation

·          Perform Project Portfolio Register Update on Project Share Point

·          Assist Facility Engineer in managing project decision support package document related to work breakdown structure, resource usage, material, schedule level 1 – 5, drawing status and procurement status to be uploaded in Project Share Point.


Project Consultation :

·          Join by my Career any stage of Project (Tenders stages, conceptual, front-end designs, schedule containment estimates for the execution phase of projects)

·          Works closely with Project Engineers for overall project plan build and progress reporting.

·          Assist Facility Engineer in finalizing project decision support package document related to work breakdown structure, resource usage, material, schedule level 1 – 5, drawing status and procurement status

·          Resource optimization / prioritization in conjunction with Project Engineers Early warning of plan delays and proposals for mitigation to Project Engineers for resolution.

·          Submit Contract Proposal to ERP System and monitor the progress

·          Review of contract Items, Invoices, variations and preparing of variations changes.

·          Recommending solutions or recovery plans to schedule impact or delays



Project Close Out :

·          Responsible for performing Project Close Out and Project Look Back Progress

·          Prepare and submit Placed Into Service Report to SKK Migas as per PSC agreement.

·          Conduct and secure SKK Migas approval for PIS Acceptance Letter as per PSC agreement.

·          Prepare and submit Project Close Out Report to SKK Migas as per PSC agreement.

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