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Senior DBA, Anglo American, De Beers Group, Convert 14 mines IT systems to a central on demand profit centre

START Date: 
January, 1989
END Date: 
August, 1989

Senior DBA

Managed database and 4GL system support in major program to move 14 mines with autonomouus and completely different h/ware and s/ware to a common shared system based on environment and systems and database we implemented in CDM. Involved moving more than 100,000 users to completely new systems and modified processes (many not previously automated) as well as moving these mines from their own cost centre based IT systems to a new 'on demand' syste that operated as a profit centre with real payments from dept and mine budgets monthly based on their use of IT services and systems.  Required a major rethink and redevelopment of how IT charged for services, and how business units could be provided useful reports to help them control and reduce IT costs while improving their real value.  Not only required IT to change our approach to costing both transactions/operations but also projects and modification services to all users, and required elements of forensic analysis to enable more objective negotiations about who should pay for cost and schedule over-runs or excessive costs arising for poor performance of a system where the root causes could by submission of a very expensive query by the end user in terms of IO or CPU usage, or could be caused by changes to system software or database configuration or a system outage, and this had an impact on P&L and performance bonuses for different units.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):