Managing Director, Defined Company, Construction, Civil Engineering, Development, Legal, Resource Management

START Date: 
July, 2008

Defined Company are consultants to operators and advisors in the Construction, Engineering and Development industries.  We assist clients, contractors, developers, financial institutions, insurers and other industry participants around the globe.  We create value and deliver essential advantage within our client's operations. 

Training and Development - By investing in and upskilling of your own workforce, you minimise the dependency on external and more costly consultants.  Our trained and qualified practicioners offer training courses, workshops, seminars and tutorials in business critical disciplines that will give your staff the ability and confidence to see a project through and deliver it within time, budget and with minimum risk.

HR Advisory - Smaller firms may not want to invest in a full team of HR professionals to supply the comprehensive portfolio of HR services.  Larger firms with Shared Services or an HR function at their headquarters, may not have the reach to their people on remote, overseas projects.  Either, however, can't afford to lose touch with their staff on the ground or, more importantly, be non-compliant with best practices and regulatory frameworks in their international jurisdictions. We offer a cost effective and fluid solution.

Resource Management - Whilst your people are your strength, you want to stay focused on the job at hand.  By integrating all recruitment and resourcing activities into a total resource management service, we help give you clarity about your total resource management plan.  This will enable you to make the right resourcing decisions in talent planning and recruitment needs.  We support you in driving increased value across the whole employee lifecycle.

Business Services - To some companies success comes in the form of growth, achieved through targeted acquisitions or strategic partnerships.  We support your growth strategies through defined market research, identification of potential target companies and by brokering the negotiations.

Contract Resourcing - On certain occasions, success is created by delivering beyond the expectations of your client, despite the adverse conditions.  On such projects it is good to have additional resources and talents to your disposal who help deliver on critical issues.  We offer our clients highly specialised professionals who are recognised for their specific skills and expertise and can be parachuted in on an interim or contract basis only.

Executive Search - Many businesses continue to see talent management as a key survival strategy to differentiate them from competitors and position them to benefit from the eventual upturn.  Defined Company can provide you with a competitive edge by ensuring you have the best leadership.  Our search capability finds the right people to enhance and manage talent to maximum effect.