Application Engineer / Planner / Primavera Application / Trainer, KLIA Strategic Planning, Viaduct

START Date: 
July, 2007

Experience as Project Management Consulatant Planner

  • Review of Contractors proposal on Master Implementation Program (MIP) to ensure suitability of contract.
  • Review and facilitate the implementation of Contractor’s recovery and mitigation plans, if required.
  • General management, coordination, communication and correspondence on all planning/scheduling matters.
  • Checking and monitoring work progress as report submitted by general contractors. Cross check with site observation visit.
  • Preparing the weekly & monthly progress reports to Client.
  • Evaluate EOT claim by Contractor

Experience as Planner in Contractor Firm

  • Liaise with site engineer, contract manager and quantity surveyor for the purpose of program setting up and information update on the project developmentt.
  • Establish a baseline schedule program.
  • Updating progress schedule for weekly/monthly report.
  • Monitor a project progress and highlight issue to team (in term of sufficient material, manpower and machinery)
  • Preparing and monitoring financial cash flow and physical progress as well as project budget & actual cost
  • Coordinate with site representative, sub-contractor and consultants to resolve outstanding works/project issues.
  • Attending management, technical and progress meeting.
  • Responsible for EOT application documentation