Project Control Manager (Cost & Planning) , Freelance Consultant, Chevron-Escravos (Nigeria) Produce Water Disposal (PWD) Platform Fabrication Project (>1,200 tonnage)

START Date: 
February, 2011

Escravos Produce Water Disposal Platform Fabrication Project  (EST 1,200Ton) -  2011- Date (Onshore)

Name: Balogun, Sunday Paul +2348054782456,+2348065559919,

Project Control / Planning Manager

  • Provide Project Management support in the development of integrated project schedule, leading to the creation of the overall project portfolio baseline schedule and its subsequent maintenance.
  • Schedule control activities to monitor physical progress against key deliverables and track trends on schedule overrun and under-run and use such trend information to identify timely corrective action to maintain schedule.
  • Application of probabilistic techniques (PERT, Statistical Evaluation and Z-score) to determine the possible range of schedule completion dates for the  Projects at 95%-100% confidence level
  • Impact assessment of approved changes and scope deviation from the key project targets, productivity and milestones.
  • Analysis of Cost, Schedule and Progress Trends Development.
  • Review cost and schedule base on progress trends.
  • Develop and review cost and schedule Forecast / Analysis of cost and Schedule Trend
  • Coordinate various activities to deliver the company’s projects within commercial and technical specification.
  • Developed Published and Tracked Progress against project tasks and milestones.
  • Developed Project Execution Plan / Project Control Plan.
  • Updated and Managed detailed schedule with objective of producing accurate detailed schedule for current project and tendering.
  • Scope Management (Scope Planning, Definition, Verification, control and create WBS).
  • Time Management ( Activity Definition, Sequencing, Resource Estimating, Schedule development, Schedule control)
  • Developed Detailed Level IV Schedule. ( Using MS Project )
  • Resources Scheduling / Manpower Loading.
  • Generate S- Curves for all phases of project activities.
  • S-Curves / Schedule Monitoring, Updating and Re-forecasting.
  • Generate Project Management Templates. (P.O Log. Invoice / Milestone Log, Safety Statistic chart, Equip. / Manpower Log, Procurement log, e.t.c)
  • Prepared / Transmit Daily, Weekly, Monthly Progress Report, Materials and Procurement Status Report.
  • Project Planning, Execution, Monitoring / Control.
  • Project Control and Monitoring using automated Excel template created to meet the project objectives.
  • Develop and use Excel spreadsheet for the analysis of a wide range of technical and production information.
  • Develop and present technical data in graphical format
  • Generate of Project Management Templates.
  • Project Closure (Commissioning / Documentation)