Planning, Supervising Engineer Consultant , AECOM Arabia Ltd. Co., King Abdullah Economic City Port Development (KAP)

START Date: 
August, 2014

Project Undertaken: MARINE & ONSHORE WORKS

>Providing detailed review, analysis and monitoring of the Contractor’s Construction Programme,

> Working closely on a day to day basis with the Planners of the Contractor to monitor and /or amend the Contractor’s Baseline Programme of work.

>Reporting to the Chief/Senior Resident Engineer any risks, opportunities and any mitigation strategies to maintain the Project completion date.

>Reviewing actual progress against the construction Baseline Programme and prepare and report to the Chief/Senior Resident Engineer accordingly. Any delays, variances, constraints that can affect Project completion date.

>Conducting independent site visits to evaluate the contractor’s site progress against the programme and reporting to the Chief/Senior Resident Engineer accordingly.

>Maintaining records of monitoring of the programme to enable input and support to the Chief/ Senior Resident Engineer to evaluate any related Contractor claims and variations as considered necessary.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):