Construction Project Control Manager, RICHMOND ENG’G & MANAGEMENT , Corniche Park Project

START Date: 
June, 2018


  • This project comprises of Two Zones. The First Zone includes Restaurant Quarters that includes three – Buildings having 7 – Restaurant, Hardscape & Softscape, Utilities & Car Parking’s. The Second Zone includes Office Building having Retail Shops & Offices. This also includes Dry Fountain.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assists the Project Manager in budgeting and prepares cash flow including forecasting.
  • Review and analyses project program and advice on the schedule performance index (SPI) status and recommend corrective action and to ensure project milestones are met.
  • Monitor critical path activities and prepare assessment or remedial action whenever slippages occur to ensure that master schedule is on track.
  • Prepares Weekly & Monthly report with cash flow & histogram reflecting actual against plan with dashboard.
  • Review and assist on Extension of Time (EOT) claim or any major change and or time implication due to variation.
  • Participate in weekly progress meetings with the client and the contractor including assigned subcontractors.
  • Review and asses submittals including Inspection and/or Testing Report (ITR) and shop drawings for timely approval.
  • Advice and recommendation on supplier/subcontractors selection including pricing and budgeting.
  • Review and asses contractors Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) including subcontractors for invoice correctiveness.
  • Day to day site visit/inspection to monitor project site condition as well as HSE project procedure compliance at all times.
  • Review correspondences from contractors and or client and prepare response in a timely manner.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):