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Engineering Control Manager, China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation Southwest Engineering Incorporation, Russian AMURSKY GAS PROCESSING PLANT PROJECT

START Date: 
April, 2018
END Date: 
March, 2020
  • Take the lead of control team to control the whole process of the 1-5 period design and replication work, reasonably assigned the work tasks, clarify the scope of work and workflow of the team members and adjust them in time, prepare the P6 level 2 & 3 schedule, and upload the cost and labor man-hour for assistant the management to make a right decision on the duration and the project's capital using, and additional hiring temporary employees or outside subcontractors. Lead the control team to use all the data and tools for project critical path analysis, not only assist in planning and creating an accurate, logic-based, technically correct CPM schedule but drive the team to keep it accurately reflect where the project is and is going and then represent those complexities in clear, simple to understand method, to ensure that the design work is closely linked to procurement and construction.
  • Set up a Microsoft SharePoint document control platform, use the system to control the designers to submit drawings, obtain review opinions, and submit the owner's signature and seal design cycle in time. Ensure the completion flow of all information from the design start to the final stamp of the design documents timely. Ensure that the control team can obtain comprehensive external input and internal output data for hierarchical visual analysis of project data.
  • Set up the ACCESS database to ensure that all system’s data is automatically filtered in the database, automatically assigned, multi-dimensional query. Combined with the SharePoint platform, data and graphical reports are automatically submitted weekly even every day.
  • To be a trainer and a teacher to guide the member of the control team and also give a lecture for how to build the schedule and control it biweekly.
  • Give the interview for new planners and controllers.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):