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Engineering Surveyor, Royal Engineers - British Army, Numerous

START Date: 
June, 1990
END Date: 
February, 1998

 Royal Engineers, British Army – Class 1 Engineering Surveyor

 Experience in many engineering projects both at home and abroad. Major Projects have included:

 Op Resolute (Bosnia),  Deployed as Senior Regimental Surveyor. Responsible for carrying and managing, engineering and survey work for all construction undertaken by the sub units. As one of only two Class 1 surveyors in theatre, I was called upon to advise and assist other Engineer Regiments deployed at that time, on survey, Design and construction aspects. Typical projects included:

  • Producing detailed site plans.
  • Road design.
  • Setting out and monitoring the construction of bridges, earthworks and roads
  • As built surveys.

BerrilValleyObstacle Belt,      A £2 million construction project, the largest undertaken by the Royal Engineers for 25 Years. The task was to construct three sliding span/dry bridge gaps and 3km-connecting track. As the Senior Surveyor with a team of two Surveyors, I was responsible for organising and managing all survey work carried out which included:

  • Expanding Major Control and establishing minor control.
  • Setting out and controlling excavations.
  • Earthworks calculations.
  • Redesigning the horizontal and vertical alignment of the track.
  • Setting out and controlling the line and level of the track.
  • Setting out and monitoring the horizontal and vertical positioning of the concrete structures.
  • Setting out culverts.
  • Completion of as built surveys.

Tidworth Training Area.           A £1million construction, of an Armoured Engineer driver training circuit. As the site engineer I was responsible for:

  • Setting out and controlling all road construction and earthworks
  • Setting out and controlling the construction of the bridge/obstacle gaps and setting out the foundations for the troop shelters.
  • Setting out and controlling construction of track drainage.