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Engineer Planning, Site, M.S. Al-Suwaidi Industrial Services, Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Waste water Project Safaniya / Ethane & Butane Lines in Ynabu YPL Project

START Date: 
July, 2007
END Date: 
April, 2009

1) Worked for SAUDI ARAMCO Oily Wastewater & Sanitary wastewater projects in Safaniya, Tanajib, Abu Ali & Dhahran Plants (LSTK 378 Million SAR).


  • Monitor overall progress of the project, actual vs. plan forecast to completion.
  • Prepares master schedule for the project in Primavera Project Planner including engineering, procurement & construction, in coordination with project team.
  • Prepares Manpower & Equipment Requirement plans from primavera project planner through resource loading.
  • Prepares Progress S Curves/histograms for the project. (Area & Discipline wise)
  • Provides weekly & monthly targets to the project team and monitors the accomplishments.
  • Suggests corrective actions in order to avoid any slippage in the schedule.
  • Develops detailed network schedules, requirement lists and plans for project management support.
  • Leads and manages in planning and issuing of schedules that may be complex in nature.
  • Coordinates Engineering and procurement department project teams to achieve optimum development and sustainment of project schedules.
  • Oversees problems such as design changes, backlogs, and restrictions.
  • Responsible for overall supervision of planning schedules, progress measuring, monitoring, and proposals planning systems developed by the Company.
  • Manages issuance of standard reports related to progress, efficiency and cost on regular basis.
  • Raises flag in case of variation from standard benchmarks / budget.
  • Regulates & monitors subcontractors’ activities/schedules.
  • Responsible for coordinating training regarding planning, scheduling and monitoring.
  • Preparation, review and evaluation of project schedules during all phases, Critical path review & evaluation.
  •  Preparation of resource/cost allocation, reporting progress (work/cost), preparing mitigation plans.
  •  Preparing cases assessments based on Actual vs. Planned Activities.
  •  Establish budget and plans.
  •  Build a logic network with a focus on all the phases in a project.
  •  Liaise with all concerned discipline Engineers to design WBS and utilizing it to develop project program using Primavera 6.
  •  Liaise with all concerned Engineers, Client, and Managers in order to formulate a master plan of a project.


2) Worked on Petro Rabigh In-Plant Project in Yanbu with SAUDI ARAMCO as client, which includes Construction of Ethane & Butane Lines for Petro Rabigh Oil Refinery in Rabigh.(LSTK 144 Million Riyals)



  • Preparation of Baseline Master Schedule with in Primavera, by going through estimated budget documents, contract info, scope of work & drawings.
  • Creating W.B.S of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical activities and weight age
    distribution up to level-4.
  • Analyzing and presenting to management Critical Path Analysis, exposing all critical activities.
  • Allocation of Manpower & Equipment to all the phases of project.
  • Preparation Of weekly & monthly reports as per client demand.
  • Preparation of Progress & Resource S-curves.
  • Implementation of base-line schedule on site, identification of LD's.
  • Preparation of Recovery Plan to restrict project closer to the base-line.
  • Updating the schedule weekly and giving Alarm against the potential forecasted problem to the management such as delay, etc.
  • Controlling the project by noting the negative float and providing available
    alternative area's to keep progress on track.
  • Preventing project from over budgeting at any stage by comparing Planned
    Revenue (BCWS/GVWS) with Earned Revenue (BCWP/GVWP).
  • Calculating and presenting Cost Performance index, Schedule performance index, Cost variance, Schedule variance and % Productivity to client and management.
  • Monitoring & Supervision of works like Excavation, Form & Rebar Installation, Concrete pouring & Curing, Underground PWS, OWS & FW piping, Aboveground Piping, Steel Structure Erection, Rotary & Static Equipment Erection, Electrical Grounding Works etc.