ANALYST / PLANNING ENGINEER, DRB-Queensland Rail, Leighton Contractors - Northern Region, Arrow Energy, Thiess John Holland, Ranhill Engineers & Constructors, Construction Of gas pipeline, roadways, Motorways & Building Projects include residential, Light

START Date: 
January, 1990
Support the implementation of project schedule management programmes thatprovide an accurate reflection of project performance at a project and programmelevel.Manage and coordinate planning interfaces (Internal & External) and sources ofplanning information.• Provide a planning & scheduling focal point for project and delivery managers andsupervisors.• Ensure project plans and schedules are delivered on time and within the guidelines ofthe project controls processes and procedures.• Identify efficiencies or improvements in areas - manpower utilisation, equipment,downtime, work flow and production• Represent the project controls planning function as required in internal reviews and inproject status meetings with the client.• Contribute to the development of the project Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) withproject stakeholders.Involved in the development of FEED programme, setting up Milestones fordeliverables such as Mechanical Completions, Pre-Commissioning, PermitRequirements, Piping Test Packs, Electrical and Instrument circuit/loopInspection and Test Plan , Construction Completion deliverablesDeveloped Commissioning & Start Up (CSU) schedule incorporating the workscope, resources, contractual milestones, logical relationships and interfaceswith other key milestones such as required permits to allow specific precommissioningand commissioning activities and application thereof to theappropriate Regulators
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