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Planning Engineer, Aker Solutions, Flyndre / Solan / Auk / Mariner

START Date: 
June, 2011
END Date: 
March, 2017


TAR Planning Engineer                                                                                                                                                   2015-2017


Talisman Flyndre Cawdor Shutdown

Orchestrate planning and development of project TAR schedule to accommodate highly complex 90-day shutdowns across various operational sites. Project encompassed hot work welding scopes as well as 18 sub contract vendors with about 750 line items scheduled by the hour.


Project Details:

  • Engineering design and construction of a new Gas Cooler with associated pipework and tie-ins.
  • Lifting of new process module within the 90-day hydrocarbon free platform shutdown.
  • 40,000 offshore man hours within 90 days encompassing 44 work packs.
  • Design, offshore construction, and commissioning.



  • 44 work packs were successfully delivered on time and in compliance with strict schedule.
  • Saved over 20,000 oil barrels through reductions in scheduled shutdown by five days.
  • Schedule planned was commended as “The best logically linked plan” by Head of Risk Management.
  • Delivered schedule that met all relevant “gate review” requirements ahead of time.


Planning Engineer                                                                                                                                                            2013-2015

Assigned to various contracts with a combined value of more than £300M, delivering schedules totalling over 160 pages in length and covering operations from bid / tender phase to handover and close-out.


Talisman Flyndre Cawdor

  • Member of planning team of this £185M project covering engineering, design, and construction of new process module as well as trusses for installation by heavy list vessel, brown field tie-ins, modifications, and interfaces. Accommodated three-phase separation of fluids from the Flyndre and Cawdor well streams for processing on the Clyde Platform.
  • Delivered detailed design, offshore construction, commissioning, close out, and handover



  • Successfully fabricated and installed trusses on time and as scheduled by heavy lift vessel.
  • Teamed up with software department to automate reports, delivering savings through reduction of man-hour requirements.
  • Ensured smooth delivery of new process module on time.
  • Awarded Aker Solutions Bronze Award for superior performance and professionalism.


Statoil Mariner

  • Contributed to winning maintenance / modification services five-year contract for Statoil Mariner.


Talisman Auk Area Redevelopment

  • Planning engineer for production, maintenance, and reporting of offshore construction schedule.


Assistant Planner                                                                                                                                                              2011-2013

In addition to supporting engineering and management planning, was chosen to provide estimation and plan development of 100+ repair order as well as ad hoc work scopes encompassing design of onshore / offshore plans.


Talisman Auk Area Redevelopment

  • £90M development of South Auk reserves with various modifications, including replacement of drilling facilities, upgrades, subsea power cable upgrades, and topside structural modifications (ad-hoc / repair order scopes). Planned FEED, detailed design, and offshore construction.
  • Promoted from temporary to permanent role, providing estimating services.


Premier Oil Solan Hook-Up


CNR Murchison Decommissioning

  • Development of £110M Solan field located west of Shetland sites where two subsea production and two subsea injection wells are to be tied back to a Non Permanently Manned Installation for operation remotely from an onshore control room.
  • Provided schedule planning for bid / tender, FEED, and offshore construction.
  • Chosen by Head of Planning to assist with offshore construction phase during high workload levels.
    • £100M project for cleaning of process / utility systems as required.
    • Planned shutdown, depressurisation, purging, and flushing with the operational service contractor.
    • Successfully completed the FEED phase on schedule.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):