Construction Scheduling Consultant, Precision Scheduling Consultants LLC, Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure (State & Federal), Residential

START Date: 
March, 2017
  1. Develop Design and Construction Proposal Schedules (to be submitted with the bid) and further detailed Critical Path Method (CPM) Construction Baseline schedules. This includes a detailed review of the Designed plans and specifications to determine the project-specific Work breakdown structure (WBS) / Activity codes, well-defined work activities and estimating their duration, milestones, organizing the activities into a specific sequence, assigning resources such as equipment, material, labor and cost for work defined by the contract. 
  2. Perform Schedule Updates (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and Project Progress Reports. This includes Longest Critical Path Reports, 2-week Look-ahead Reports, Earned Value Analysis for progress payments, narratives for Project Management Information and Project Analysis as per contract requirements. 
  3. Provide project oversight, technical assistance, review, evaluation of construction schedules & estimates, and training the Contractor’s Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Superintendents to understand the Critical Path Method of Scheduling.
  4. Make recommendations to accelerate the schedule and recover lost time. This includes (re)sequencing activities to achieve project milestone dates, adding additional resources to the projects, adding additional crews, and other acceleration strategies help meet key target completion dates.
  5. Develop schedule summaries and schedule variance reports as required. Analyze schedule, review delays, propose schedule recovery alternatives and present them to the clients/owners.
  6. Perform Earned Value Management by providing detailed cost analysis at the activity, project, or program level, which includes tracking the burn-rate of the project and determining the correct earned value at any given point in time.
  7. Assist with Time Impact Analysis and Forensic Schedule Analysis to precisely analyze delay events, quantify time lost, and calculate the associated costs.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):