PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR, AL-SAAD GENERAL CONTRACTING CO., Heliport Project @ (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dhahran & Abha)

START Date: 
January, 2009
END Date: 
September, 2011
  • Process of Project Management, Monitor and control need to accomplish the project on time.
  • Preparing the specified document for coordination of specific activities and work tasks
  • Conceptual level and process of thinking carefully about to accomplish, laying out all the steps, and obtaining the resources required to carry out those steps and to prevent the problems, delays, changes and obstacles
  • Generates Monitors of construction schedule, resources schedule and cash flow of assigned projects.
  • Co-ordinates with cost control and construction in the calculation and updating of the company's productivity (manpower and equipment) rates by construction activity.
  • Studies contract documents to become fully knowledgeable of project requirements and specifications.
  • Generates preliminary tender schedules and manpower histograms in coordination with Business Development Department.
  • Generates final construction schedule based on construction drawings in coordination with Engineering Unit and Construction Department.
  • Updates construction schedule and manpower schedules regularly and prepare weekly and monthly progress reports, manpower report, and cash flow report.
  • Maintains client / consultant approved copies of contractual construction schedule from construction Department.
  • Revises construction schedule in light of variation orders in coordination with management and construction department.
  • Control project execution and monitor the actual expenses in coordination with the financial department, and manage any deviations.
  • Responsible for all the implementation of the approved system procedures including civil, architectural, electrical and mechanical works in the projects.