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Senior Planning and Cost Control Engineer, Petroleum Marine Services, DUBA PERMENENT BERTHING [ARAMCO]

START Date: 
December, 2004
END Date: 
December, 2007


  1. Develop project work breakdown structure (in liaison with cost engineer), master schedule, level I and/or sub-project master schedule level II for large size projects, integrating all project objectives, major milestones and client requirements.
  2. Prepare different levels of schedules in accordance with project work breakdown structure and client/contract requirements.
  3. Establish progress reporting requirements in accordance with section instructions and project requirements including the definition of software applications on the project.
  4. Prepare periodical progress reports and present data to Top Management in progress review meetings.
  5. Monitor the project progress and milestones and analyze causes of deviation from schedules (if any) and propose alternative courses of action needed to overcome delays.
  6. Coordinate, maintain and update project schedules, progress curves, man-hour expenditure and performance analysis curves/reports.
  7. Coordinate the function of progress reporting with discipline lead engineers to ensure timely transfer of progress information.
  8. Review the claims submitted In/Out that have Cost and Schedule Impact.