Planning Specialist, Technipfmc RUS, Amur Gas Processing Plant Project

START Date: 
June, 2018







RUSSIA – AMUR REGION – CITY SVOBODNY                                                                              

                                                                                                         From: 21 June 2018 up to present.

Position:  Planning Specialist.


Project Involved:




      Main Components of the Gas Processing Plant.                                   

Natural gas metering units, Gas purification and drying units, Ethane and WFLH separation, nitrogen removal and nitrogen/helium concentrate production unit, Ethane metering units, Gas fractioning units, WFLH purification units, Helium production unit12, Methane fraction booster compression stations, Methane metering units, Flaring system units, Tank farm for storing liquefied gases (commercial products), Trestles and a section of railway for loading the exported liquefied gases, Fuel gas metering units, Fuel gas preparation units.

Overall Project Manhour 63,000,000




Job Description:


  • Analyze all Key Milestones.
  • Analyze all Levels of Schedule
  • Checking Level IV resources and Critical Path
  • Risk Analysis
  • Reporting to Client All Progress Summary and Schedules.
  • Site Monitoring.
  • Analyze Procurement items to delivery materials at site.
  • Analyze Engineering IFC drawings dates.
  • Attend All Subcontractors (Yamata, Velosstroy, Renaisance) meeting with EPC (Tecnimont).
  • Preparing Meeting agenda for Planning and Progress part.
  • Civil, Steel, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumental, Insulation works plan preparation with construction team.
  • Preparation Manpower & Man-hour Histogram for General Contractor (NIPIGAS).
  • EV Report.
  • Performance report.
  • Preparing Planning & Progress meeting Agenda
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):