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START Date: 
January, 2002
END Date: 
December, 2003
  • I was responsible as part of a team for the repairs, refitting and maintenance of the railroad between Bishop Stortford and Liverpool Street. Shift work between Day / Night shifts for periods of a week at a time.
  • Track Repairs - Sleeper / Rail / Wetbeds / Signalling / Crossover Replacement
  • COSS - Controller Of Site Safety ( Team Leadership & Safety Role)
  • Lookout - Responsible for ensureing safe system of work was adopted and warned Team of on coming Trains
  • Hand Signalman - Responsible for replacing the operations of a failed Signal and ensured that all approaching routes had been assessed and warning systems put into force.
  • PICOP - Person In Charge Of Possession - Responsible for taking control and full responsibility of Engineering Works and multiple work site. Ensuring that safe systems of work had been adhered to such as personal sign in and toolbox talks. Make sure that all tracks has Saftey STOP boards in place with attending signalman. Ensuring that All COSS & ES  Managers had signed in and all worksites estalibshed. Managing Train movements between Possession Limits & through worksites. Preformed hand back to Signalller at the end of shift and that entire Possession Limits where safe for Passanger & Engineering train services to resume.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
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