Project Management Office Manager, Khedma for Project & Facilities Management, (various projects)

START Date: 
October, 2015
END Date: 
November, 2016

    ·     Define, Maintain and Manage the project management methodologies incorporating structures, standards, processes, documentation and reporting which is matching the needs of the project(s) and puts emphasis on the quality of decision making and timely project delivery.

    ·     Assist and advise with advising project managers and teams on the best use of project management disciplines, and approaches within a fast-paced, high technology environment.

    ·     Contribute in the development and delivery of overall strategy and marketplace, innovation, cultural/localization adaptation, the formulation of approved business plans, operating plans, budgets and expenditure requests in line with the strategic goals and objectives.

    ·     Support the change management throughout managing available resources allocation, including required adjustments based on developed business or technical opportunities and challenges.

    ·     Share lessons learned and best practices across programs/projects, building relationships with stakeholders.

    ·     Participate in company progress meetings with the teams to measure the performance and improve it (when necessary) and prepare required periodic reports.

Follow-up and evaluate the progress for ongoing projects based on the approved project management plan/manual and Agreements with Clients; that in conjunction with each Project Manager.