Deputy Managing Director for Technical Affairs/ Chief Executive Manager (CEM), Khedma for Project & Facilities Management, (various projects)

START Date: 
November, 2016
END Date: 
October, 2017

    ·     Participate with the Company Board in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide company business.

    ·     Prepare/Update the company vision and strategic plan; and the relevant mission(s), programs/services to support the agreed company vision and strategic plan.

    ·     Prepare the agenda, presented material and review the outcomes for the regular/special meetings of the Board.

    ·     Ensure that the Company is appropriately organized and staffed.

    ·     Assess the principal risks of the company and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed.

    ·     Recommend yearly budget for board approval (based on the coordination with Financial, Administration and Project Management Office Managers) and prudently manages company's resources within those budget guidelines according to local laws and regulations

    ·     Delegate parts of his responsibilities and authorities to any team member within company organization chart.

    ·     Attend and chair all periodical/non-periodical internal progress meeting.

    ·     Ensure that the operation of the company meets the expectations of company Clients, Board and Founders, and Coordinate with company team to maintain processes to resolve the non-compliance issues with Client(s).

    ·     Ensure the following documents; should be ready for approvals (Sub-contractors’/suppliers’ payments, Purchase Orders (POs), Petty cash expenditures, Staff wages, increments, bonuses … etc.)

    ·     Develop/maintain and review administration systems to achieve maximum efficiency.

    ·     Ensure the human resources policies, procedures and practices are implemented.

    ·     Review all Agreements and Memorandums Of Understanding (MOUs) after the preparation and recommendations by the Business Development Manager & International Relationships and Finance & Administration Managers (including the legal review by legal advisor).

    ·     Coordinate with Investment & RE Assets Management Unit in determining the market strategy studies and types of Clients and determine the need or otherwise for professionals/advisors of real estate market studies.

Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth.