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Cost Estimator & Planning Engineer, Infrastructure United Construction Company, King Abdullah Economic City - Roads & Utilities (Infrastructure Projects)

START Date: 
October, 2016

Duties & Responsibilities on site:

  • Participate in weekly progress meeting and discussions with the clients and consultant as required.
  • Establishes time schedule of the project and monitor its progress from baseline against actual performance.
  • Perform Earned Value analysis to control and monitor the project accomplishments.
  • Submitting updated work program and cash flow curve showing planned and actual progress.
  • Maintain and record update of site work progress.
  • Maintain and record update of weekly cost loaded based on actual physical progress.
  • Checking Supplier’s material submittals to ensure the project technical specification compliance.
  • Prepare Interim Valuation & Interim Payment and Variation Order with all supporting documents.
  • Calculate the amount of material needed in site construction.
  • Requesting for quotation from suppliers.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.


Duties & Responsibilities for Tendering:

  • Analyze the tender project to provide detailed cost estimate according to issued tender documents.
  • Perform detailed unit price analysis for the tender projects.
  • Provide cost estimate breakdown for evaluation in terms of target budget.
  • Take-off quantity and provide work breakdown structure to each and every item in the BOQ for pricing.
  • Raise tender query to clients if there is discrepancy between drawings, BOQ and specifications.
  • Provide preliminary activity time schedule from Primavera P6 as required by clients during tendering.
  • Provide preliminary resource loaded from Primavera P6 as required by clients.
  • Provide preliminary monthly & cumulative cash flow diagram as required by clients.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):