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Marian Olaru
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It's possible to save a dashboard in order to transfer into the other project ?

Reference book ?


Bogdan Leonte
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Another thing that might be of interest is that you can upload the Dashboar to a server, using the Upload to WEB (from the Dashboard menu) and access it over the web.

The web version is can be re-arranged, resized and by moving the mouse over a diagram you can see different values that the diagram contains.




Just remember that you have to upload every page of the dashboard and give it a different upload name.

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Marcus Possi
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In a one minute movie ...

In the Dashboard window menu select Dashboard/Layout/Save to file

In another project open Dashboard window, select Dashboard/Layout/Load from file and select saved Dashboard layout.

If this another project does not have the same codes for objects that are used in the original dashboard you will get warnings and corresponding diagrams will not appear in imported dashboard.