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Spider Project Automation

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Bogdan Leonte
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I am looking for a way to do update all material and resources costs on a weekly basis.

Here is what I am thinking:
01. Use a database (doesn't matter wich one) as long as it can export a simple text file. The database will store codes of materials/resources, description, unit of measure, cost/volume or cost/hour (in case of resources), date of costs. The costs can be taken from accounting of from quotations.
02. On the last day of the week/first day of the week the database will export the latest costs for all materials and resources in a text file to a certain location.
03. I want to have a macro (internal/external) which will be triggered when opening Spider Project (maybe run in the background) that will create a reference book for materials from that text file and overwrite the existing one. (I do not need to create a new version because I have the database that can give me history of costs).
04. The macro from 03. will open a certain project portfolio/s and transfer the reference book of materials to the portfolio, perform cost calculation, save project portfolio and distribute projects.
05. In the end the macro will end by closing Spider Project.

Is this possible?

Best regards,