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Gantt online from Spider Project

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Ivan Vasil
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Hello everyone, did the script upload from Spider Project (version and revision does not matter) to the site (your internal portal or public site) here is a link to the youtube channel (video without sound, with subtitles)

from the possibilities so far only a drilateral upload from the program. In short, there is a template configured once, a report is generated on it, this report is saved in a text file with any name, then the script is run with the file name, the output is a file with the format for the site, copy to the site and get the visualization. But this sequence can upractice say to create a script in spider project and in the script to specify which folder what is the name of the file to take and where to copy ie in fact can automatisiert to a single action either, but it ... often the program itself will formiruet updated information on the website. Hope explained clearly)


Hi Ivan,

explanation is not clear but your video shows what and how can be done.

Today Spider Project users can place project and portfolio Gantt Charts to the Web but this feature is not available for the users of older versions.

In any case your idea is right and using the same approach it is possible to show not only Activity Gantt Charts but also Resource Gantt Charts and other reports to project stakeholders.

If you want to do the same but for people with limited access rights you shall open the project with required rights and then export to text required data. Everything that shall be hidden will not appear in the text file.