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Using ScheduleReader in STOs?

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Joel Roberts
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ScheduleReader™ is a software for viewing schedules exported from Primavera in the XER, XML and XLS file format. 

It can convey schedule information through dynamic views among all parties involved in a project, enabling them to easily interact with the (view-only) data by using filters, groups, sorts, reports and more.

The Progress Update feature enables users to report back on Activity Updates from the field, such as Activity Status, Actual Start/Finish, Duration %Completed and simmilar. It also allows them to propose new Activities to be added in the original schedule, while on site, without making any changes to the data inside the file.

The Trace Logic, found in the Bottom view quickly displays detailed analysis with focus on viewing all predecessor/successor relationships. 

All other needed information can also be quickly pre-viewed using the many customizable filters and settings for sorting the data, available in the application.

The reader is available for a free 15 day trial.

So, if you are using the Primavera P6 software for scheduling STO activities, then this questions find you well. 

I hope you will be able to share your experience and views on the folowing:

  • At what point of an STO process did you find ScheduleReader of greatest use?
  • Which one of its unique features have you used the most?