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Regular Maintenance vs. Turnaround Maintenance Cost

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Kosmo Lisowski
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I have been looking for some benchmark data or research to try and put numbers to costs associated with doing work during Turnaround (TAR) versus doing it as a normally scheduled maintenance task (OR OUTAGE) carried out by either in-house maintenance crew, or external contractors.

I thought there would be more information available online about this area, but have been unable to find anything specific.

Just to clarify, think about the amount of work, jobs, that get thrown into a Turnaround that could be done online, either through a planned outage using redundant equipment and isolations, or as normal maintenance work.

Compare the cost of doing a job by a regular contractor with the work wel planned in advance whose trades people are familiare with the plant and operations versus doing the smae job with an additional 300-700 people on site during Turnaround with shifts working around the clock.

Let's leave overtime out of the equation, but I have heard figures stating it si more expensive to do the same job during TAR than as a regular maintenance or outage.

Thoughts and comments?