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Long lead items & Short lead items- Material for shutdown

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Dear planners,

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As a New to planning department, Our task phase is  Short lead items List out necessary for our Major turnaround, as per the instruction, we have to Look in GA, P&ID,Blinding list from operations,Isometric & Sap (for previous or installed material details). And then we have to compare and take the higher side or the most accurate of all this sheets.Well this seems very lengthy and awkard so i wanted suggestion or better ways to sort out the short lead item details which would be accurate and less time consuming

as of now we have to dump material details from sap then Check the P&ID then check the GA and accordingly check isometric if available and as per the line specification list out details for Gaskets,Stud-bolts & internals


Please share your ideas & experience !

Replies are much appreciated


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